Linda Raubolt Photo

I am a woman, a wife, mother and grandmother.  I am a woman, a partner and a nurturer.  I am a woman, a friend and a contributor.  I am the mind, body and spirit.  To be all of these, at times, can be a daunting challenge.  Thoughtfulness, courage and love must be present in order to face each and every situation, each and every day.  Life is a challenge. . . a challenge to be the most thoughtful, most courageous and most loving human being possible.  The expectations, however, that I placed upon myself are unrealistic.  There are moments when I stumble, blunder, falter and even fall. These set backs on my progressive path of life remind me that I am only human and not perfect by any means. My strength and power are enriched and driven by the resilience of my spiritual energy, as it stimulates my mind, guides my body and illuminates my spirit from the depths of despair to the pinnacles of success.  This empowering “spiritual energy” which has sustained my being time after time, is the life force of my soul.