Linda Raubolt Photo

Hello, my name is Linda Raubolt and I am an intuitive therapist. A local shaman calls me an “oracle.” A psychoanalyst, from California, defines my gift as being an interlocutor or “middle man” between the conscious and the unconscious. Then there are others who simply call me a “psychic medium.” But, in truth, one could call me all of these because I read “energy.”

As I speak with clients, from all over the world, it is not their minds that I am reading but rather the energies that are swirling about and around them. While people come to my office for readings, I am also available for telephone consultations, as well as being able to Skype with those clients who wish to do so. Past Life Regression through hypnosis is also available to my local clients.

As I work with clients, stories unfold and emotions are presented in various ways; faces are seen, objects appear, scenes play out with a clear video quality. At times, pictures, old and new, become visible through my “Third Eye.” Some information is given to me in my perspective, making it easier to explain to my clients what or who is coming through.

“Visitors,” loved ones who have passed away, come to the “place between here and there” in order to make themselves known to those they have left behind. To let them know that they are fine on the other side and, of course, always with them when needed.

Since I have been doing this work for over 40 years, my experiences bring wisdom, knowledge and an awareness of words to be shared and the answers given to questions, sometimes before they are even asked. This is what I do to bring peace, calm and clarity for my clients.

Long forgotten memories awakened and information regarding energies of the present and future revealed. This is where we begin the journey into the “place between here and there.”